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We Specialize in Tattoo and Body Piercing with a Relaxed, Professional Studio Experience
There are a lot of tattoo and piercing shops around, so we love it when clients discover that Hourglass Tatz is the right place for them. Call the shop or get directions, and stop in to discuss ideas for your next tattoo or piercing. We're open every day from 11am until 9pm. 

Frank Rivera

Tattooer, Shop Owner

Frank is a tattooer and the owner of Hourglass Tatz. Book your appointment today. 

Guest Artists & Apprentices

Art, Tattoo, and Piercing

Hourglass Tatz has guest artists and apprentices available for flash and personalized pieces. 

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Tattoo, Body Piercing, Jewelry, After Care Products, Branded & Licensed Apparel, and Original Artwork

Shoulder Tattoo


e-Gift Cards

Send a gift through email.

Any time, any amount, never expires. Good for tattoos, piercings, and merch.

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Full Body Tattoo


Gift Cards

Clients use their gift cards for tattoos, piercing services. jewelry, after care, and more. Load any amount, never expires.

Learn how to care for your new tattoos and piercings

Get answers to questions frequently asked about the shop

Call now to book your tattoo or piercing appointments

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